What Is A Council House Exchange Website

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What Is A Council House Exchange Website

A council house exchange website is a website online where people can either become a member or just add their advert to the website with their details of their property, and also including what type of property they are looking for. On a council house exchange website you can add your email address and phone number so anyone who is interested in your property can contact you direct, and some exchange sites also offer picture service where you can add photos of your property. When you have found an exchange website, if it is a membership based one, the best thing you need to do is to join. Some sites charge, and some are free.

Once you are a member, you can then add your advert which should include -

Property type, number of bedrooms, room size's, drive, yes or no? Garden size, double glazed windows,central heating,is it a council house or housing association, cost of rent, photos and any other information that is asked, or what you think is needed, remember the more information, the better.

If it is not a membership site, always remember to add the above to your advert. There is no wrong or harm in using the same advert on many different sites.

You can find a council house exchange website online by using the search. ( Google is good )

In the search bar you could put " council house exchange sites " " home swaps " " home swap sites " "council exchange " " mutual exchange " ETC

If you are new to finding a house exchange online, you may also search the term with your county, for example -

You could search for...............

Council house exchange in Essex, home swaps in Essex, mutual exchange in Essex,

council exchange Essex

Council house exchange in bath, home swaps in bath, mutual exchange in bath,

council exchange bath

Council house exchange in London, home swaps in London, mutual exchange in London,

council exchange London

Council house exchange in Scotland, home swaps in Scotland, mutual exchange in Scotland,

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Council house exchange in midlands, home swaps in midlands, mutual exchange in midlands,

council exchange midlands

Council house exchange in Kent, home swaps in Kent, mutual exchange in Kent,

council exchange Kent

There are many house exchange websites on the internet, and there all different, but all offer that council house exchange which you are looking for, it may not be in the area you would like, the garden might be too big, or too small, but there's a property for everyone. Council house exchanges just take a while, because there might not be any on any websites that interest you to start with, but once you have been looking for a while, you may see a new advert and the property might just suit all your needs! Adverts are a must, if you are looking for an exchange, always make sure you have placed your own advert, never lose contact, or membership with a site, as this could make you lose out on a home swap. I know it can be hard, and can take up a lot of time, but if a home swap is what you really want, you would wait for one.

Keep adding exchanges to different sites, and keep your membership going on sites. Remember NO membership means NO ADVERTS, and with no adverts, how would people know you are looking for a Council house exchange? Not all exchange sites are run by a membership plan, some are just an advert submission where you add your advert, include your phone number and email, pay for that advert and it remains on the website until you request it to be deleted. Good luck in finding your dream home!

To find a house exchange online visit councilexchangeswaps.co.uk. Councilexchangeswaps.co.uk provides a mutual exchange advertsing service to tenants.