Thai House Design Ideas

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Thai House Design Ideas

Looking around on the internet I have find out that there are many sites with a lot of good plans.

However, the overwhelming numbers are targeting people with Hollywood House Dreams.

Designs like that can be very unfriendly not fitting in depending on where they are built.

Imagine in a Thai village or a small town they will stick out too much.

I started this website because I am sure there are many of you who want a simpler but not less functional design.

Mixing western comfort and specific Thai architecture details like typical Thai roof designs and splitting up the living areas into more than one module is a way to fit in to most of Thai environments.

My house designs are not complete structure drawings. They are as complete as you need to go on from there and make modifications of your own. In the end you have to present your idea to a Thai engineer who can make the necessary structure and more drawings.

In Thailand the demands from local governments can vary so before start anything asks what is needed in your area.

Most of my designs are in several file formats:

Pdf-file with an overview of plans and 3D renderings.

Skp-file for open in Google SketchUp which can be downloaded from

Dwg-files which can be useful for your Thai engineer who you need for making structure and other drawings.

Using SkecthUp files you can make your own modifications. It takes a little time to manage the program but

on Youtube are a lot of tutorials. In fact SketchUp is the easiest 3D software on the market and it is for free.

For opening a dwg-file you need cad software. On my pages you can see an overlook of software both 3D and

Cad with link to Amazon website.

If you have sketched your own idea and want professional assistance, I can make drawings and 3D renderings for you.

Go and take a look at Thai House Design Ideas you will not be disappointed.