Skill Of Moving House

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Skill Of Moving House

A lot of importance has been made in refining the public about what constitutes a good or bad Fengshui residence. But once the moving house approach has been chosen, there are Fengshui strategy for how and when to make the shift itself.

+ Before the move, the house should be systematically cleaned. It is good if new paint, carpeting and tiling are changed, as well as window treatments.

+ All the windows must be opened for hours, if not a few days.

+ Space-clearing rituals and procedures are always good to carry-out including burning sage.

+ Important fengshui remedies should be installed before the occupant's even moves in. As an example, if the house needs water fountain in a particular room, go ahead and set that up before you move in.

+ The move should be done during the day, preferably starting in the morning, not at night.

+ The move should be on a day that is generally a good day for changing residences, according to the Chinese calendar.

+ The move must be scheduled on a day that is fine personally for the zodiac sign of the head of the house, if not every family member.

+ The moving house should be finished in one day and not stretched over several days.

+ The head of the house must be the first to walk in the house, followed by other family members.

+ No one should go into the house empty-handed.

+ The mainly important and valuable items should be brought over first.

+ People of certain zodiac signs should not do the moving personally, such as Tigers. The moving Tiger is considered dangerous.

+ People who are the sign of the Dragon or Rooster are especially good to help in a move.

+ Furnishings and objects from the previous residence which carry negative energies or memories should not be brought to the new house.

+ Getting a new mattress is a good idea, especially if it is very old.

If you find that it is impossible to move in on a good day, there are some "band-aid" cures for this circumstance. It can include pin-pointing the most optimal time of day if the whole day itself is not good. As well, there are other rituals that can be done to energetically balance the side effects, and these rituals are unique to the occupant's birth year. There are so many publishers who publish a free monthly e-newsletter which deals with new topics each month, including items such as ideal move-in procedures when changing a residence or business location.

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