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Looking for best home improvement products available in market? Here are some of them you are searching for. Have a look below:

(1). Unger Ceiling Fan Duster

The Brand:

Unger Enterprises Inc. is the leading provider of innovative household cleaning solutions. Unger is an international company and has been manufacturing cleaning tools for more than 40 years. Unger takes pride in developing innovative and unique tools that help clean more productively, leaving you with a cleaner, healthier house. Unger has offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, as well as manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany and India. Unger provides innovative cleaning solutions to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Benefits of this Product: (linked to features)

Everyday we try and clean every corner of the house. However, there are always some corners that tend to get ignored because we are not able to reach them easily. For instance, everything is clean but your ceiling fan remains dirty as you are not able to reach the height. The result of your efforts toward having a spotless house remains incomplete. However, this product ensures that you are not only able to clean the fan but also reach those corners of your house which have been ignored for a long time

This product cleans the blades of the fan from both sides, the side that faces the ceiling as well as the side that faces the floor

(2). 13 mm Drill Machine with 41 Pcs Multi-Functional Toolkit

This kit contains:

Impact Drill machine 13 mm capacity

Depth gauge with which you can fix how deep you want to drill the hole

41 pcs Multipurpose Magnetic Toolkit Screw Driver Set

Side handle

Drill chuck key

Specifications of Drill machine:

Heavy duty

Precision drill chuck of 13mm capacity with key

Easy to use switch to toggle between standard/hammer drill functions

Insulated shock proof plastic body

Easy grip swivel handle with depth gauge

Switch able Between Reverse and Forward Rotation.

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