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People all around the world often say, "Home is where the heart is". And true it is to its last word. Owning their own home is the dream of most and many people spend a lot of time and money to make their homes warm and comfortable.

In earlier times home decor options were less and the money to spend was lesser. But thankfully today everyone who wishes to decorate and furnish their homes has an almost endless variety of home decor products to choose from, in every price bracket. So anyone who wishes can make their home more comfortable and even lively.

The sheer number of product categories can overwhelm anybody, so it is best to go step by step when furnishing a new house or decorating and sprucing up an older one.

One can start off with the most used and important part of the home that is the furniture. A good nights' sleep is very important for the mind and body. A sufficiently large and comfortable provides this. One can chose from functionally designed beds to beds with intricate carvings. While wood is the most common, wrought iron beds are becoming increasingly popular. Those who can have space can get a king-sized bed and feel like one. Other pieces of furniture include wardrobes for storing clothes and valuables, side tables, dining tables and sofas. Dining tables and sofas of course will depend upon the number of members at home and the number of guests entertained. Pull-out sofa-cum-beds are useful if one has guests staying over and no extra room to spare.

Next are the bed sheets, pillowcases and drapes. They come in almost every conceivable color, texture, designs and patterns. If these curtains, covers and sheets are well coordinated with the furniture, the walls and to each other, they can change the entire look and feel of the home. Also these are the cheap if all one wants to only do a +cover' job.

Today, looks and luxury are not only limited to the rooms, they have entered into the realm of bathrooms too. Luxurious bath accessories, fluffy towels, mats and even differently designed bath curtains can take the bathroom well beyond the functional.

Windows are also no longer neglected. There are available a variety of window panel that beyond keeping the rain away and maintaining privacy, also keep the sun out and many times underscore the look of the room.

Walls are no longer only about different coloured paints and largely bare walls. Today a choice of paintings, fancy shelves and other wall art like a set of photo frames arranged aesthetically can greatly enhance the ambience of the room, and in a way give each wall an identity of its own.

Other random articles like, a bunch of coloured throw cushions on the couch, a throw rug or an arresting statue in a corner can make the room look more lively.

So once your home is all done up and you enter it after a hard day's work and look around, you are bound to say, "There is no place like home".

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