Make Your House Warmer With Color

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Make Your House Warmer With Color

Walk into a room that is painted ice blue, white and glacier green and how do you feel? Even though greens and blues are good, fresh colors, they also tend to make a room - and us -- cool.

On the other hand, imagine a room with sunny yellows, deep oranges and robust, chili red. These deep, vibrant colors make a room feel warm and cozy.

Painting rooms is not only a way to express your individuality, tastes, and to match your furniture. It also is a way set the mood of the entire room by making it feel more warm or more cool, depending on your use of the room.

Which color schemes you decide upon will depend upon which rooms you're painting and where you live, too. Some "cool" rooms might be your preference if you live in a hot climate. If you live where winter is 3 months of snow, then rich, warm colors in your main living areas will help create an aura of warmth.

Before you paint a wall bright red, remember that red can invoke anger feelings, so instead choose a deep, rich red-variant color, like chili red or the orange-red of a sunset.

Now, maybe painting the house isn't an option. If you rent your home or apartment, painting certain colors may not be allowed. Or you can't afford all the paint necessary. Or maybe it just takes more time and effort than you want to put forth. Nothing wrong with that. Not everyone loves to paint or has the time to clear a room and mask everything off.

Besides painting, you can also create a warm room through accessories. Put down some rugs in vibrant, warm colors. If you have tile or hardwood floors, you should definitely use throw rugs because they really will make the room warmer. But feel free to throw colorful rugs on carpet, too. Rugs are an easy way to quickly change a room's decor. Plus, it protects your expensive carpet from spills and wear.

Feel free to use comfy pillows and some colorful blankets on chairs and couches. These, too, will serve double duty as people snuggle up under them while reading a good book or watching the flames of a dancing fire.

Often, a well lit room also adds to the warm feeling.

And don't forget scented candles. Try pumpkin pie or a sugar cookie scented candle to remind you of warm Thanksgiving get togethers. Perhaps you'd prefer scents from Christmas, like cranberry, cinnamon, pine, or hot apple cider.

A couple flickering candles adds ambiance to a room, especially on a cozy evening.

In the dining room, try some flower arrangements in summer or autumn colors, like sunflowers or an arrangement using leaves in the changing colors. Don't overlook a colorful table runner, placemats, or tablecloth.

Adding warmth to a room doesn't have to be a permanent statement, especially if you'd like to create a "cool" environment in the hot summer.

Once spring buds, you can store away the warm, winter colored items. Then break out pillows and towels in beachy blues and green. And don't forget to change out your floor rug from the warm colors to something fresh and sunny.

Creating warmth in your home goes beyond just turning up the furnace or building a fire. A few accessories and a little creativity will help you create a home that makes family and friends feel warm and loved.

Dave Roth owns and operates SC Firplace Screens which sells various log carries and racks. The site carries numerous outdoor heaters, fireplace tools, and outdoor fire pits.