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Disguise A Tree Stump As A Lawn Ornament

Conduct A House Viewing

The little things can hamper or help you when you're trying to sell your home. Although in some cases a property may speak for itself. i.e If you're selling a mansion then someone looking for a 3 bedroom house isnt really going to be swayed by some freshly baked bread. If the buyer has previously seen another 3 very similar properties on the other hand, then the way you conduct your viewing can make the difference. Any negative experiences (such as a pushy or disinterested agent) of the viewing will stick in the memory of a seller and certainly won't help when they come to making a decision.

Its a good rule of thumb to assume that unless its 7am that your buyer has just come from viewing other properties. These other properties are going to be in their head when they're viewing yours so yours needs to come out on top. When the prospective buyers arrive greet them and ensure that they are given any useful information about the property that they need. They will probably be eager to take a walk around the property so keep it short. Try to control the viewing so that the buyers are directed into the most impressive room first. The viewers first impression will come from the outside of the building but the first room they view will be equally as important.

Point out the most important and individual features of the property. Don't bother pointing out the kitchen and bedrooms as this is usually fairly obvious. Instead focus on the points that you feel are the propertys best features. Although its not recommended when selling a house to point out the negative points it's also not a good idea to overly glorify a tiny kitchen or such like. Buyers are not stupid and if they hear descriptions of rooms that dont match up they will be less inclined to trust you.

There is a fine line between following buyers around the property and appearing uninterested. Both are annoying to buyer so just try to be on hand to answer questions but not so much that the buyer doesn't feel like they can have a look for themselves or discuss the property openly with a partner or friend.

Lastly keep the discussion friendly and formal. Don't pile the pressure on. Buying a property is a big decision so a property sale can take time. Pressurising the buyer will only make them leave in a flash.