An Insulated Dog House A Protective Shelter

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An Insulated Dog House A Protective Shelter

Having a place to keep canine companions dry and secure is a priority when keeping a dog outside. Whether it's for play times or extended periods, ensuring there is a place where the dog can seek shelter from the elements is an essential part of keeping him or her safe, healthy, and happy. Having an insulated dog house is ideal and often necessary to protect against harsh elements of heat or extreme cold. Having an insulated shelter can deflect harmful heat temperatures as well as preserve heat in the coldest winters. But not all insulated shelters are created equal and careful consideration must be given to the type and function, to ensure the dog house meets the challenges of the environment.

Types of Houses with Insulation

Though there are many kinds of insulated shelters for dogs, most will be specifically designed for either hot temperatures or cold temperatures. These considerations are important. While a dog can withstand colder temperatures for longer than a human can, they can succumb to pneumonia and the effects of exposure if subjected to extreme cold for long periods of time. A dog's true weakness is in extreme heat, as dogs cannot sweat or perspire to shed heat from the body. They release heat by panting but can quickly and easily succumb to heat stroke.

Because of these truths it is important to determine what weather extreme is most prevalent or troublesome for the dog. For regions where summers are very hot and winters are very cold, choosing a well insulated shelter and supplementing with heating or cooling equipment may be necessary.

When preparing to choose an insulated dog house it is important to consider the following details:

-How is the dog house insulated?

-Does the dog house include a door to trap heat efficiently?

-Does the dog house including a cooling or heating function?

-Is the dog house big enough for the dog without being too big to stay warm?

-Is the dog house easy to assemble and set up?

Answering these questions will help determine whether the dog house in question is appropriate for the conditions and for the dog.

Building a Custom Dog House

Some people may decide to undertake the project of building an insulated home for their canine companion. This can be a worthy undertaking with proper planning and thorough understanding of how insulation functions. Without conducting proper research on which materials and which design is most appropriate, it is possible to build a dog house that may not prove to be protective enough against the weather.

An insulated shelter needs the following:

- Appropriate and high quality insulation as used in home construction

- Adequate ventilation for extreme heat or an external heat source for extreme cold

- A door to keep heat inside the insulated area and to keep hot air out

- Appropriate design and size for the dog's comfort

Choosing a protective shelter for a canine that must spend time in the outdoors is an important part of protecting the dog's health and well-being. It also allows the dog to seek shelter at his or her leisure while ensuring the dog always has a safe place to be. With proper research choosing a shelter can be a joyous occasion for both dog and owner.


Steven Barnhart is owner of Doowaggle a great resource for custom dog houses, climate controlled dog houses and other dog supplies designed to enhance the life of your pet.